Cadets wear the Red and Yellow

When a nipper turns 14 years old they leave the “Nippers” or Junior Activities program and become a member of the senior section of their club. Having attained the Surf Rescue Certificate they are now eligible to patrol their beach. SLSI has developed a “Rookie” program which clubs can use to pathway youngster through cadets. Many of the clubs host great activities for teenagers such as sleepovers, outdoor challenges and trips away to encourage them to stay within the movement.

Active 15 – 18 years

This age group is an exciting time in surf lifesaving as the movement throws up lots of challenges from doing the Bronze Medallion to becoming the crew person on an IRB.

Development Camp

Member Development

Member Development is an important aspect of surf life saving.
Find out about development pathways available to you by downloading the Pathways Booklet.

Rookie Program

Ideas for the Under 14’s (SRC), 15’s, 16’s & 17’s. See attached Rookie Booklet.

  • The older age groups of Nippers have just completed 9 years of service.
  • Some of them have had enough of competition.
  • Some of them need a change.
  • Many of them have learnt their surf survival skills.
  • Most of them do a better job of water safety than older members on Patrol.
This is the time to step-up their training, engage them, challenge them and lead them into the next phase of surf lifesaving. You want to create a program within the surf club that the kids are proud to be part of, one that they talk about at school the next day.