Windang SLSC

Windang logoWindang Surf Club is at the southern end of Perkins Beach, the longest in the Wollongong area at 6.6km. This end of the beach has developed since the war and the opening of the bridge across the lake entrance. Windang has a large car park, a caravan park on the northern side and the lake entrance channel on the south side, with park and picnic facilities along the shore. Waves are a little lower at this end of the beach however rips continue to dominate, with the intervening bars usually attached to the shore.

Every year volunteer lifesavers give up their own time to patrol our beaches.  They help thousands of people each summer, preventing them from getting into serious trouble in our waters.

But that’s not all there is to Windang SLSC—whatever your age, interests or fitness level, there’s a membership just for you.